Tree Climbing Techniques:

Snatching a Palm Tree 


"Snatching a Palm Tree": A technical method of palm tree removal.  This method is used when there is no drop zone beneath a palm tree.  The climber ascends the palm tree to the crown.  Each palm leaf is cut and lowered to the ground using ropes, or passed down to the ground crew where possible.  When the climber is ready to dismantle the trunk of the palm tree a false anchor is built at height using a system of slings and specialized rigging equipment.  Each section of trunk is rigged and lowered to the ground using ropes and lowering devices. 


This method of palm tree removal is slower then segmented dismantling with a drop zone, as each segment needs to be rigged correctly and safely for a controlled lower.  The climber must place rope/sling holding scarfs in each segment before it is rigged.  The climber must also co-ordinate lowering with the ground crew before the stain is taken up on each segment.  This method of snatching a palm tree when removing is time consuming and only, done by an expert arborist.


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