Services:  Palm Tree Removal  

We provide free estimates for all your Palm tree pruning or removal needs.  

Palm tree removal, is carried out using specialist arboricultural equipment. All waste is removed from site.  This includes the trunk of the palm, dead leaves, yellowed leaves, berry bunches, yellow flowers and seed bracts.




The most common method of Palm tree removal is "Controlled Blocking Out."  A experienced Tree Climber ascends the tree using lightweight titanium spikes and harness.  A drop zone is set up beneath the tree using a rubber mat to protect the ground from indentations, heavy duty ply sheets surround the mat to control the block (trunk) when it strikes the ground.  The palm tree crown is removed with hand saws collected and placed ontop of the rubber mat producing a soft bed for the segmented block to fall into.  A large chainsaw is roped up to the climber in the palm tree crown, the trunk is then cut into small segments and dropped into the prepared soft bed below.


There occassionally are instances where there is no drop zone and the "Controlled Blocking Out" technique is not possible.  In these situations other more advanced rigging techniques are used to safely dismantle the palm tree into segments which are then lowered to the ground.  


We are able to stump grind almost any stump using our highly portable Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder.  Our grinder is exceptionally powerful and able to reach and grind almost any palm stump.










































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Steve Reducing a Cocos Palm Head
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